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America’s West Coast is On Fire – LITERALLY!!

America’s West Coast is On Fire – LITERALLY!!

A series of hurricanes have made landfall throughout the US and the Gulf of Mexico, on the other hand, there are over 80 large fires currently burning in 9 states of the US. That includes at least 21 in Montana, and 18 in Oregon, there have been reports that approximately 7.8 million acres have burned in the U.S. since this January, and that is something not normal.

The senior United States Senator from Montana has said in an interview “ All Montanas are dealing with smoke-filled air, often in highly hazardous conditions. Nationwide, we have seen a 70% increase in more acres burned this year than last year when the federal government has spent $1.9 billion fighting fires”.

He further added “ I think it is critically important that the President could come out and take a look at these fires and see the damage and destruction, and we could get President Trump and the director of FEMA to come out. I think it could better help them understand the impacts of these fires and also understand the need for some help and also some support for these folks to get back up on their feet “.



The climate central has said, “As temperatures rise from greenhouse gases, vegetation dries out creating the perfect fuel for fires and its getting worse as wildfire seasons get longer and drier”. As for now the smoke that is increasing by the fire will impact people on the East Coast too, because of the spewing smoke across the jet stream that carries noxious chemicals.

On the other hand, the Trump administration has denied Oregon’s pleas for extra help, the governor of Oregon kate brown has said: “ I talked with the federal authorities two weeks ago asking for additional federal assistance, I was told point blank NO“. While Trump still calls climate change a HOAX and he staffed up an administration full of climate deniers.

In an interview Trump said that “ They keep changing the name from global warming to climate change now I hear a lot of extreme weather, how can you miss with the extreme weather right? if it’s cold it’s ok, If it’s hot it’s ok if it’s windy it’s ok, everything is extreme”.



Mean while the senator of the Montana has shared many photos and videos on his social media after leaving the message to the President about the fire, but no help has been offered so far.           

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