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Is Getting Television TRP is More Important Than Food:  (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2017)

Is Getting Television TRP is More Important Than Food:  (Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2017)Entertainment


In the latest edition (episode 55) of the popular T.V show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, which was telecast on 9 September 2017, the contestant, the anchor, and one of the judges Neha Kakkar can be seen throwing cakes at one of the grand jury member Asees Kaur.

Getting views from the people is the only sole purpose of the reality shows nowadays, as we can see in the above video, on the set of the Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, the show is wasting food like cake and eggs to get public attention.

In another episode of the same show the contestant Vaishnav Girish can be seen breaking eggs on the head of Kiran Kamath, a member of the grand jury.

While taking interview with Mr. Pravin Salkade (Senior Trainer at High Profile SGC for PTE/IELTS) he said “in a country where thousands of people are only taking one time meal a day and a huge amount of people are sleeping hungry, showing this type of wastage of food is creating a wrong example, and by seeing this type of things many other people will try to do the same, instead of this they should show something more productive”.

He further stated that “in our culture food is considered to be a god and our culture teaches us not to waste the food and wasting food for entertainment or for fun is creating a wrong impact on the society, they are doing this type of things just to get TRP and it is not just a one time thing, it may become a psychology of the people to use food for this type of purpose, they are giving an absolutely wrong message to the society and more importantly young generation”.

Many people have shared different views on this topic, students of the DAVV University (school of Economics) have said, “it is totally wrong to show this type of things on a reality show as far as the show is concerned we all know that it is fake and heavily scripted but more importantly they are our teachers and behaving like this with teachers is also wrong, on the other hand, they could have given that food or money to someone who really needs it rather than throwing it like this”.

They also said “it is a very popular platform and all the judges and members of the jury are very popular if they too will do this type of things then it will impact adversely on the society especially on the young generation, as we all copy some or the other things from the T.V. or Films, we know what they have done was for the entertainment only, but they should understand they have a big responsibility to carry”.

The point is, reality shows are showing this type of things not because they wanted to, but because we, the viewers give them good TRP’s because of this type of things, if we really want to change something then first we have to change ourselves.

Content by – Tohid Sheikh



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