Thursday, August 31st, 2017

‘Most Armed Man’ In America with 200 Machine Guns and 80 Military Vehicles


Mel Bernstein

Meet Mel Bernstein, a gun collector who is known as The Dragon Man, the Most Armed Man in America. He is 71 years old and has a collection of 200 machine guns, 80 military vehicles, countless grenades and tank. A bedroom with hundred of firearm on the wall, is what he calls a ‘comfortable situation’ to stay in. his obsession with guns can be seen on a 260-acre plot land in El Paso County, Colorado. The place is called The Dragon Land. He is also known for his dragon-head Harley Davidson. These works have given him a repo to handle. Hundreds of visitors come to visit his military museum and to shoot the firearms at his range.

Mel Bernstein collectionMel Bernstein's dragon-head Harley Davidson

According to Colorado Gazette, it takes 2 hours for the visitors to go thought the place that has the collection of worth $10 million. His gun collection alone is said to be around $8 billion. There is also a re-imagined World War II bunker that has off bullet riddled pots and pans with uniformed mannequins stationed at anti aircraft bazookas.

Most Armed Man In AmericaMel Bernstein uniformed mannequins collection

Bernstein had gone through a big tragedy when his wife, Terry, 33, died in an accident while in a shoot for her Discovery Channel reality show, when hit by 2 smoke bombs in June 2012. They were travelling at a speed of 150mph and the crew was trying to create a smokey scenario to depict war. Bernstein says he lost a best that day.

Mel Bernstein's tank


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