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The Controversial Life Of M. F. Hussain


controversial life of MF hussain

Maqbool Fida Hussain, popularly known as the ‘Picasso Of India’ was the internationally renowned Modern Artist and Film Maker. His paintings were considered to be the most controversial paintings in the history of Indian art. The major fact behind his controversies was that he used to depict Hindu Goddesses ‘nude’ in his paintings that were hardly accepted by the Hindu society.

saraswati painting by mf hussain

mf hussain controversies

Though his paintings were very controversial, still he was amongst the respected painters of the world. As listed in history, his first painting was sold in Rs 10 by an unknown buyer. But later, the highest amount at which his paintings have been sold is $1.6 million at the 2008 Christie’s Auction.

controversial pictures mf hussain hanuman painting by mf hussain

  • M F Hussain’s painting was printed in a Hindi monthly magazine, Vichar Mimansa, in which an article was written, titled ‘MF Hussain: Painter or Butcher’.
  • Many Hindu organizations then acted over opposing the same. In 1998, his house was attacked by Hindu groups like Bajrang Dal and the art worlds were destroyed.
  • Various violence and hatred campaigns were launched against M. F. Hussain.
  • A protest also led to closure of one of his exhibition in London. But Hussain never apologizes for what he painted.
  • In 2006, Hussain was charged with “hurting sentiments of people” for his nude portraits of Hindu gods and goddesses and again for his paintings of Bharatmata.

controversial paintings of m f hussain

  • He was not left with any choice, so he decided to leave the country. He then got settled in Qatar.
  • Not just his paintings carried controversies, but his films were also controversial. He created a film ‘Meenaxi’ which had a Qawwali song, ‘Noor-un-Ala-Noor’ which was argued to be blasphemous as the songs lines have been directly taken from Quran.
  • Total 8 criminal complaints were filed against him as ‘promoting enmity between different groups… by painting Hindu Goddesses’. In 2004, Delhi high court dismissed these complaints.


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