Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

Famous Celebrities And Their Last Words


last word

Live and death is not in our hands ,it is believed that people tend to become the most honest when they are about to die. Some have even said that of all the words a man utters in his entire lifetime, it is what he says on his death bed that makes the most sense.

So here let’s take a look to some of the most famous world celebrities and their last uttered

#Saddam Hussein-“I Swear There Is No God But Allah And Muhammad ….”

Saddam Hussein

#Diana-“My God, What’s Happened?”

VIENNA - APRIL 16: Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing a sapphire diamond and pearl necklace, attends a banquet on April 16, 1986 in Vienna, Austria (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

#Marilyn Monroe-“Say Goodbye To Pat, Say Goodbye To The President, And Say Goodbye To Yourself, Because You’re A Nice Guy.

Marilyn Monroe

#Elvis Presley-“Ok, I Won’t”

Elvis Presley-

#Martin Luther King Jr.-“make sure you play ‘take my hand, precious lord’. Play it real pretty.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

#Mother Teresa-“jesus, i love you. Jesus, i love you.”

Mother Teresa

#Indira Gandhi -“Greetings To You”

Indira Gandhi

#Abraham Lincoln-“she won’t think anything about it.”

Abraham Lincoln

#Bob Marley -“Money can’t buy life.”

Bob Marley

#Steve Jobs- “Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

Steve Jobs

 #Charlie Chaplin -“May The Lord Have Mercy On Your Soul”

Charlie Chaplin

#Salvador Dali-“ where is my clock “

#Sir Winston Churchill’s -“I’m bored with it all.”

Sir Winston Churchill

#John F. Kennedy-“No, you certainly can’t.”

John F. Kennedy

#James Brown- “I’m going away tonight.”

James Brown



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