Monday, August 28th, 2017

Aged 72, Meet Taiwan’s Strongest Grandfather



Huang Ching-Hsin is a farmer in Pingtung, Taiwan. Apart from being a farmer, when he gets free from farmer work, Mr. Ching hits his favorite place, the gym ‘Hai Feng’. Mr Ching is 72 years old and is known for his rippling abs and toned pacs.Huang Ching-hsin strongest grandpa

According to the trainers at the local ‘Hai Feng’, Mr Ching is believed to take the same routines as the people who take part in ‘Mr Muscle’ beauty pageants in Taiwan and other parts of Asia. This super fit grandpa has given the title of ‘real-life Master Roshi’. Master Roshi is a bald, white beard turtle shell wearing martial arts master from a popular cartoon, Dragon Ball.
Mr Huang Ching-hsin

A footage of Mr Ching has also got viral in which shirtless Mr Ching is doing 10 pull ups in a row on a horizontal bar. Later he is seen performing ‘Ab Roller’ crunching exercise.


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