Thursday, August 31st, 2017

Are You A Credit Card Fraud Victim? Here’s What To Do



With little brute and more skill, thieves only need a minute, sometimes a second, to pilfer your credit card data. This entire article will put your eyes on the ways that scammers use to steal your information, what they do with your information?, how do they trick you?, what do they do with your money?, how can you avoid getting into such fraudulent tactics and a lot more.. So do not miss out as it holds your benefit. 

These days with the technology advancing by leaps and bounds it gets difficult to preserve one’s security. And with digitalization and numerous online payments, the situation may get even worse with you if you are befooled! These days there are abundant cases of cyber crimes reported within each state. So, it becomes very important to not share any of our personal or financial details anywhere on phone calls. According to a report there are about 70-80% of the cases reporting credit card scams. Crooks use a variety of tactics to get access to credit card information so they can commit fraud.

What are the ways they trick you?

One of these tricks is to convince you to give up your credit card or other personal information. Thieves don’t just call up and ask for your credit information. Instead, they make up a fake situation and convince you that you need to give up some personal information to meet a need.  The schemes are simpler than you think. You receive a phone call from someone who says they’re from your credit card company. The caller asks you to confirm some personal information, e.g. your credit card number, credit card security code, social security number, or mother’s maiden name. After the call ends, the caller uses the information you gave to make charges on your account or to create a new account in your name. Credit card telephone scammers sometimes get you to call them by leaving the number on your answering machine or in an email. In some credit card telephone scams, the thief asks you to sign up for a product or service then asks for your credit card information to pay for the service. They don’t actually sign you up for a service. Instead, they use your credit card information to commit fraud.

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How Do These Scammers Operate?

According to the S.P. Mr. Jitendra Singh  Cyber Cell, Madhya Pradesh,  the people who commit such grave crimes are youth and adults which may be present within your state or mostly outside it or maybe in jungles too. They talk to you in a very convincing manner as if they are calling from the call center of the respective bank and fool you to give away your hard-earned money. Once you fall in their trap, and they have an access to your information they transfer your money to their e-wallets and redeem them from the bank. In some cases they shop using your money and much of your amount is washed away in minutes.

Check out who do scammers target and what to do if you’re spammed..


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