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10 things to do after 10th/12th Boards Examination

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The pressure of examination, the results, and the future keeps the students tangled in the web of hard work, studies and parental pressure to secure good marks for the sake of better future. 10th and 12th boards are very crucial stages of students and they live under extreme pressure to perform well in these examinations. So now that the board examination is over and the students have some free time before starting further studies. Here are few suggestions how to enjoy and learn new things after the examination.

  1. Have some free time 

It is very obvious that the students have been extremely bored of the strict daily routine. Now, when the examination is over firstly have some free time for yourself. Just don’t do anything. Be there and enjoy, wander around and go out with friends. Do whatever you wish.

  1. Enjoy leisure 

Finally, this is the time to enjoy. Before getting to new life and routine, enjoy the leisure and this phase of your life. Do what you wanted to do since long. Listen to music, watch movies, go out with your siblings, and hang around with your friends. Enjoy your leisure to the fullest.

  1. Work on your personality 

One thing is very important for you to understand that now you are a grown up and now you must start grooming your personality. Work hard on yourself and your personality. Think and decide your preference that how do you want to present yourself in the competitive world. Your personality is your identity and you must work on it to make it better and give some time for personality development.

  1. Spend time with your family 

Everyone has a very busy routine and lifestyle these days, so it must be rare occasions when you got an opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. You must have been busy with your examinations and your parents in their work life. But as now you have loads of free time, go and enjoy with your family. These are those moments which you will cherish a lifetime.

  1. Plan vacations 

Everyone has a  bucket list or wish to visit his o her favourite places. This is a perfect time to plan your vacations and start exploring new places. Go visit your favourite city o your favourite country. Plan a trip with your friends or plan a camp. Isn’t all this very exciting?

  1. Acquire new skills 

Free time is not just to have fun but it is also a golden opportunity to learn new things. So utilize your free time to the fullest and start acquiring new skills. Learning new things and skills will help you in future as well as it will enhance your personality. Learn cooking, stitching, new computer applications. You can choose the skill you want to learn on the basis of your interest but make sure you have fun but at the same time, you also utilize the time.

  1. Take hobby classes 

Every child has some hobby and it is a very good sign that you have got interests apart from the field of study. These extra activities help us to become a more competent person but in general, our hobbies are always subsided due to the pressure of studies. So, the vacation is the perfect time for you to join your preferred hobby classes. Join a dance school, guitar class, music class or art class. Enjoy, explore and discover your hobby.

  1. Enroll in new courses 

In the digital era, you don’t need to be worried about anything as everything is at the distance of one finger click. Hundreds and thousand of online courses are available for free to learn new things. Many websites even allow you to take certificates of the courses you want to pursue. So, this way you can use your time very wisely.


  1.  Plan for future 

With all the enjoyment and fun, you must start thinking and planning about your future. Ponder on the possible opportunities, your preferences and then discuss your ideas with your parents and seek their suggestion and guidance. Start working toward your plan before the result so that you can manage everything post result and no decision are taken in hurry.

  1. Wait for results 

It is very tough to control your emotions when the topic of result pops up. You are excited for future, nervous for the result and happy that finally, exams are over. Just enjoy your free days and be sincere to think and plan for future. Rest everything will fall in place.



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