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5G Service Trails – BSNL to embark it’s Journey by March 2018.

5G Service Trails – BSNL to embark it’s Journey by March 2018.Business


5G Service Trails – BSNL to embark it’s Journey by March 2018.

 Anupam Shrivastava, MD, and chairman of BSNL, the state own telecom firm said that BSNL is all set to embark its journey of 5g services with trails by the end of this financial year, March 2018.

“We had interaction with Nokia last week (on 5G). Next, we are going to present about our requirements after which field trail concept is there. It should start before the end of this financial year,” Shrivastava told reporters on 7th September 2017.

The state run firm has a discussion with HP and Larsen and Toubro for the requirements of end devices to onset 5g services.

Shrivastava was speaking about the agreement signed under his guidance about 5g technology services with network firm Coriant.

“This (MoU with Coriant) is only knowledge sharing agreement. There are no commercials involved. We are at nascent stage. By this agreement, we will get to know more about 5G through this and other agreements,” Shrivastava said

According to him, 5g will provide much faster services as compared to 4g and 3g networks which is expected but with the optimised network.

“Latency is going to be in 5G technology which is time taken by data to reach one point to other. The 5g ecosystem will be developed based on used cases which will differ from country to country. Like smart car parking may not be a priority for India but it e-health, waste management can be used case of India,” Shrivastava said.

He added, “BSNL owns largest optical fiber network, which can provide highest data speed, in the country to the tune of over 7 lakh kilometer.”

Coriant chairman and CEO Shaygyan Kheradpir said with BSNL the highest networking firm we are ready to share our experience on 5g technology.

“The data speed in 5G should be able to support real time computing speed like in case of autonomous cars where sensors have to immediately learn about traffic. We will share our experience in designing a network for transmitting data from wireless towers to where computing is taking place and back to the network,” Kheradpir said.


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