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Ex-Governor SPEAKS – MODI Should listen to Advice by RAGHURAM RAJAN.

Ex-Governor SPEAKS – MODI Should listen to Advice by RAGHURAM RAJAN.Politics


Ex-Governor SPEAKS – MODI Advised by RAGHURAM RAJAN.

Raghuram Rajan, Ex – Governor is creating buzz with his wise word wings over past few days through his counter perceptions over the economy of the Nation and forthcoming problems surrounding the Nation.

With emphasizing some brilliant issues to resolve, the main resonance that should strike our Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be the JOB oriented scenarios in the country.

Rajan shared few of his thoughts at his book launch where he deliberately pointed and captioned about the jobs growth in India and asked the Government to boost the Job ratio enough for what will be the world’s biggest workforce.

“Remember that we have what we call the population dividend. A million new people entering the labor force every month,” Rajan said.

 “If we don’t provide these jobs that are required, you have a million dissatisfied entrants. And that could create a lot of social mischiefs”, he added.

Rajan has pointed some really critical issue. By 2027, India will have the biggest workforce of the millennium and the generation if not welcomed with enough job and fresh employment opportunities will dig down government completely at the fastest pace of the economy.

Presently fresh employment opportunities are lacking and administration is behind the bars for training workers to help them meet the survival threat of automation. With lack of opportunities on the economic front, growth rate will ultimately fall fetching crises to Nation needs.

Modi’s employment is far way negative than compared to much deemed Congress government. Millions of jobs should be served per month so as to meet the growing demand of millenniums where according to figures of 2015, only 10 thousand jobs per months are served, as per Economic Times figures.

Modi governance should definitely take this advice as a wakeup call, cause millenniums are tomorrows Nation.



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