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Top 6 things you must have in your bucket list in Life

Top 6 things you must have in your bucket list in LifeTravel


Life is all for to live and enjoy. Everyone should make each and every single day of life count. Everyone has some wishes and dreams of the things they want to do in their lives. Every one of us have a secret bundle of wishes and we call it our bucket list but the busy lifestyle, commitments and responsibilities makes it tough to live those dreams. But life must be enjoyed and lived joyfully. Here are a few idea to enlist in your bucket list and make your life adventurous and full of fun.

1. Live Life King Size
Generally when we listen bucket list we all imagine a bunch of fancy things but it is not just about those fancy stuffs. In daily life rush we forget to live and start behaving like machines so first thing in the bucket list is living life king size. King size means to live life with a royal attitude without giving damn about anything in this world. It is not necessary to wear branded clothes, own luxurious items, travel to foreign places and buy expensive things. Rather, it is an attitude toward life, and new approach to see things in a new and better way. To be confident enough and have faith in yourself that you own the potential to conquer the world, realise your dreams and make your life a beautiful journey.

2. Try adventurous things
Life is all about pushing your boundaries and challenging yourself to come up with a better version of yourself. Enlist new things which makes you afraid. Challenge yourself and try out those things which you have never imagined that you can do. Introduce adventure in your life. This will not just fill your life with excitement but it will also help you to break your stereotypes. Real life exists outside our comfort zone. Come up with the guts to face things that you think that you can never do and challenge yourself. You may fail initially but don’t give up until you are successful.

3. Learn a new skill
Like it has been said, knowledge and skills never go waste. At any point of life they will turnout a great help for you. In the world where things, ways and lifestyle is changing at the blink of eyes it is utmost important to be update and skilful to be successful, have a good progress in your career and lead a good life. Skills are not just limited to career and professional life rather you must learn skills and life hacks to make your work smooth, effective and impactful. Now a days, there are numbers of online courses and websites offering you a wide range of courses to learn, improve and sharpen your skillset.

4. Get some time for your hobby
Life is all about what you make it. It is a beautiful, positive and a very inspiring philosophy. Now a days, in the rush of career, success and the throat slaughtering competition life is lost somewhere very far. People have forget to live and they merely exist juggling from stress, anxiety, depression and uncountable problems. In middle of all this somewhere we lose ourselves amidst the chaos. So, it is very important to find some time for oneself and pursuing one’s hobby is the best way to find yourself. Hobby gives us a new dimension, they are stress reliever and they become the source of peace. Cooking, painting, Dancing, Music, Writing, Games, be it whatever figure out a few moment to spe4nd with yourself in your life.

5. Celebrate Success
You don’t need to conquer the world to celebrate. Success is never big or small, success is success. Learn to celebrate your small victories and be genuinely happy for it, Wait for few minutes and recall the journey and efforts you made. It will not just give you happiness and peace but it will help you to build new level of confidence to go ahead with further project. It is very important to cherish your success and respect your failures. This is life is all about, never stop just keep going.

6. Travel
Travel and explore this world. This world is very big and it will be waste of your life if you didn’t go travelling and looking around for the beauty of the planet. Different culture, different lifestyle, beautiful places how can one afford to miss this for anything? Travel solo, Travel with friends and travel with family, create memories and live your life.


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