Saturday, August 26th, 2017

5 World’s Most Expensive Items But Useless



Imagine you have a million bucks with you. What would you do with such an amount? What would you spend it on? A house or luxurious car, or a swiss watch? I’ll present you with 5 World’s most expensive items which are actually USELESS! They are exorbitant but feckless.

costly building of world

high price building

Woa.. You might be looking at the picture and thinking what’s with this building that it costs $1,000,000,000?  Well 9 elevators, parking with 168 spaces on its first 6 floors, a personal car service on the 7th floor, a 50-person theatre on the 8th, a spa salon, several swimming pools, 3 helicopter landings and a magnificent engineering allowing it to withstand an earthquake of 8.0 on the Richter Scale is all that justifies the largest private apartment building in the world.

golden toilet

golden toilet

The Guggenheim Museum exhibits a golden toilet that is a precise copy of the real toilet made by Kohler costing $2,500,000. Curiously, for a certain fee, anyone may use the exhibit for its primary purpose.

World's single rock Bathtub

World’s costly bathtub

Baldi-Harrods sculpted a luxurious bathtub from a single piece of rock crystal. The first such piece sold for €700,000. At the moment, the company is preparing a second one, though of a smaller size. It will cost about $800,000. We appreciate  the out of the box thinking!

Buckle for $25,000


What can be sophisticated about a buckle? Roland Iten gave an answer: their buckle is a mechanical masterpiece assembled in Geneva. To create this high-precision Swiss mechanism, 9 months of work, the best materials, and world-class production methods are required. That’s where the cost comes from- $25,000

 music player for $210,000

vinyl music player

This device plays vinyl discs with unrivaled precision and quality, and its stylish design only adds to its luxury giving it a whooping amount of $210,000. What weird fascinations people have!



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