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SportsWomen – Few Tips of sweat proof make up, check it out!!

SportsWomen – Few Tips of sweat proof make up, check it out!!Fashion


Water proof makeup, oil free makeup, perfect presentable scenarios and what not??

Every sports woman juggles with so much in terms of ruling the pitch with being the perfect queen on the pitch.

Aakriti Kochar, a makeup perfectionist and expert, Oriflame India and Bhavya Chawla, chief stylish at Voonik have opened up some cool makeup hacks to save you from sweat makeup disasters.

Makeup hacks go as:

–    Eye Liner & mascara should always be water proved.

–    Always apply light weight primer or oil control/sweat proof primers as a base of your makeup shades.

–    Preference pick should be given to liquid matte lip colors instead of glossy shades and liquid colors. They are long lasting.

–    Lip balm is an important essential for all. Dryness if felt in lips, apply lip balm on top.

–    Drink lots of water, Hydration is the must.

–    Wear lightweight, water based moisturizer to keep radiance on skin always.

–    Always prefer power based products like a compact, bronzer, eye shadows, and blushes instead of creams. Comfortable and it acts as a sweat killer.

–    Option for light shades, tint colors of lipstick over bold views with a soft touch of lip balms always to give a freshening effect to lips.

So work out become more beautiful this simple hacks.

Try it out and get an elegant look on the pitch also!!



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